These deer look stunning but their coat is the result of a strange disorder. Many local residents are scratching their heads as they may have never seen or heard of this rare creature before.

The Hudson Valley has its fair share of photographers and nature enthusiasts. It's more convenient if they are both because someone was able to snag a photo of a rare deer while they were in the woods here in the Hudson Valley.

A member of a local community group posted a picture of this bizarre spotted deer. Comments poured in with amazement. Many had never seen a deer like this before and there's a good reason for that.

Why are they so rare and hard to find? This deer has a rare genetic disorder that affects less than 2% of whitetail deer.

What exactly is this thing and what is this disorder?

Grant Scully
Grant Scully

According to My Daily Registry, it's a deer that's leucistic. What exactly does that mean?

Basically, it's caused by a recessive gene that both parents carry. Deer with this coat are called piebalds. Not only do they have an usual coat but they also will often have a bowed nose, overbite, shorter than average legs and an arched spine. They also may have deformed internal organs.

The deer pictured above is called a Piebald Doe. Did you know what they were and have you seen one before in the Hudson Valley. Comments in the thread suggested there had been sightings in Ulster County before.

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