In the world today, there is an absolutely absurd amount of brand-name businesses and products that people buy, use, and consume on a daily basis. Well, news just broke recently that one particular business giant is looking for its new representative to be the face of the company for 2023, and in this case, we mean that literally.

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Gerber Begins Annual Tradition

Gerber is beyond a shadow of a doubt the king of baby products. In the baby market, Gerber is recognized the same way as Mcdonald's is recognized in the fast food industry. The iconic 'Gerber Baby' is emblazoned on each and every one of their products.


Well, the time has now come once again for Gerger to find their new spokesperson or 'spokesbaby' in this case. Gerber recently announced that their annual 'Photo Search Contest' has officially begun and that the winner of the contest will become the company's new face for 2023.

What Are the Rules to Become the Gerber Baby

This photo contest has been an annual tradition with Gerber since 2010 and the rules are pretty simple for those who wish to try their luck. Also this year, parents are getting in on the fun as well. The Gerber website states that the rules for the contest are as follows...

Your baby must be between the ages of 0 and 48 months...

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Instructions also state that parents must submit a picture of themselves as well from when they were kids, specifically from when they were born and up to 10 years old. That's it, it's really that easy. Of course, the application also requires general information but that goes without saying. All other information regarding the contest may be found here.

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For those wondering, the idea of sending in pictures of parents when they were younger with their kids is to compare if their child looks like them or not. You could also just have a goofy fun picture to send in.

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The contest runs through June 10th and for the lucky winner, they will assume the role of 'Chief Growing Officer' and will then be featured in a number of the company's social media and branding campaigns. Winner also will receive a cash prize as well as many other prizes from Gerber.

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