In 2015, Albert Bartley opened up Top Taste. It's very small with limited seating but most of downtown Kingston knows exactly where it is. The smells coming from the kitchen fill the air and triggers people to become hungry. While the appearance of the eatery is nothing flashy, it's actually easy to miss when just looking. But one quick nasal inhale and you are instantly drawn to it.

This is how Bartley has been reaching his customers. The smell of specially spiced jerky can turn a head and I've experienced that first hand. I live in an area where homes are close together so when anyone in my neighborhood cooks outside I can smell it right away. But when my Jamaican neighbors cook outside, I instantly start salivating.

When I was new to the block, all of the residents that surround me were very welcoming. The first year I celebrated memorial day there I grilled the basic burgers and dogs. But I could smell what my neighbors were cooking and I'll admit I was jealous. Luckily for me, my neighbor and I always say hello over our property line fence and this day he just lifted up a plate of food and said "try this." Took one bite of his food and was ashamed of myself for lack of food prep skills. If you've never tried Jamaican food, Top Taste is a great place to start. Most of their signature dishes are available for take-out and are under $12.