After nearly 20 years of service to the Goshen Humane Society in Orange County New York, the couple that have volunteered their time managing the shelter since 2005 have announced their retirement.

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Goshen Humane Society's Orange County History

A small no-kill shelter for dogs and cats who has a primary goal to temporarily house the animals until permanent loving homes are found, that is what the Goshen Humane Society is all about.  They are a 501 (c) (3) organization, which means they are a non profit with minimal funding, reporting that they receive approximately 1/4 of the funding of most shelters.

The owners report that the annual cost to run the Goshen Humane Society is approximately $220,000, with veterinary bills and staff payroll making up a majority of the yearly expenses, though the owners themselves are volunteers.

Our survival depends on adoption fees, additional donations and the generosity of the public along with fundraising. It is a constant struggle.

While the dogs and cats are in the care of the shelter, their medical needs are taken care of, they are socialized and cared for by the volunteer staff, and no animal is ever put to sleep in order to create space for another animal.


Volunteer Shelter Operators Announce Plans To Retire

Since 2005, Rick and Susan Bossley have been operating the Goshen Humane Society without any compensation, strictly as volunteers. Outside of the shelter, The Chronicle reports that Rick is also Goshen's dog control officer, and the Bossley's also run a 'successful insurance business.'

The two have plans to retire to Tennessee next month.

It's been shared that the Goshen Humane Society's closure is set for August 15th, and as of July 18th, the Chronicle reported that all of the animals currently at the shelter have somewhere to go.

Many have been adopted, and others will head to either Warwick Humane Society or an animal sanctuary.

Rick Bossley shared that there was some interest from individuals in running the shelter, however, those interested changed their minds upon learning it was an unpaid position.


The Goshen Humane society will continue to accept donations, as well as appointments for those interested in adopting one of the remaining cats or dogs before their closure on August 15th.

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