Nine to five days are killers if you want to exercise. I didn't know it at the time, but I was living the life of luxury when I used to be able to saunter into the gym at 2p and stay for as long as I'd like. The solution now? Get up early and get after it, or find an awesome night-owl fitness class. Here's the best spots in the Hudson Valley that offer early-morning or late-night workout options.


Orange Theory - Newburgh, NY

Orange Theory classes are popular across the nation. There may be another one closer to you, but my local stop would be in Newburgh, NY. They have 5am options Monday and Wednesday-Friday (not Tuesday) and 6:15am options Monday-Friday. Check them out here.

Fit Social - Poughkeepsie, NY

Another group option, Fit Social has 5:15am classes Monday-Thursday
and 5:30am on Fridays. Get your early bird on here.

Crossfit 845 - Wappingers Falls, NY

Crossfitters are notorious for their passion, so it's no wonder there's an early-morning option. Check them out 5am Monday - Friday and explore their website here.

Gold's Gym -  Newburgh, NY and Fishkill, NY

The world famous Gold's Gym! As a former meathead, I can appreciate that they're open before the sun rises to help early risers get their swole on. They're open at 5:30am Monday-Thursday.


Crossfit 845 - Wappingers Falls, NY

They're on our list for early classes, and they come through for the late crowd as well. Even if you work a 9a-6p, you can still catch their 7:30 session Monday-Friday.

Orange Theory - Newburgh, NY

Orange Theory comes through in the PM too, with 6:30pm options Monday-Friday.

Stone Wave Yoga - Gardiner, NY

You can say namaste as late as 7:30pm Monday-Friday when you catch a yoga practice in Gardiner, NY.
Sportsplex - New Windsor, NY
There's tons of class options, with many starting as late as 6:30pm with everything from bootcamps, spin classes and yoga practices. Check out the full schedule here.

Gold's Gym - Newburgh and Fishkill, NY

Tons of late-night options and multiple locations. Classes in Newburgh start as late as 7:35, and you can catch 6pm classes in Fishkill, NY.
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