We may be all in this together but we sure aren't all in this for the environment.

It's Earth Day today and would you even know it? All I've been hearing about for the past four years is how we need to protect our planet. We can't even handle our own backyard. I know that might be an inconvenient truth but look around you.

If you hate seeing litter as much as I do then this post might make you a bit angry. I certainly am not happy to have to write this. I'm actually a little embarrassed that I have to write about this if I'm being honest.

I'll be honest. I'm not the most environmentally conscientious person in the Hudson Valley and I don't claim to be. I don't drive an eclectic car, I probably use more water than I should and I probably leave the lights on for too long from time to time. Though I might not have the smallest carbon foot there are some basic things we can do to help the environment. These are huge lifts either. They're pretty simple and there's a good chance you learned about in preschool.

We're well over a year into the coronavirus pandemic and I'm still seeing masks, gloves and other garbage thrown all over the roads, parking lots and hiking trails. Who's doing this and when can we expect this to stop?

If you see someone leaving their masks on the ground please let them know or pick it up yourself because clearly no else will do it. Do you think we can handle this for one day?



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