More than ever, patients have been more concerned about healthcare, their coverage and staying healthy. However, Hudson Valley residents are wondering what the future will hold.

A major Hudson Valley healthcare provider made an important announcement.


The formerly known Orange Regional Medical Center is now Garnet Health Medical Center. This center was named by Healthgrades, known to be one of "the 100 best hospitals nationally".

Garnet Health is a not for profit Corporation within New York State. Roughly, they provide care to about 450,000 residents in Ulster, Orange and Sullivan counties.

However, a recent decision made by Garnet Health has left patients confused.

Thousands of patients who are under Garnet Health's care may be looking for new doctors. Patients in Orange and Sullivan county will be facing changes in their healthcare.

A local news station gained access to letters from patients and nurses from Garnet Health.


News 12 provided the public with letters that they were able to obtain. These letters were to nurses and patients from Garnet Health which included information in regards to the hospital located in Wallkill, NY.

According to News 12, these letters stated that there would "no longer have an operating room nurse on staff overnight, and that multiple outpatient medical practices will no longer be offered."

The question remained, who cannot be seen at Garnet Health Medical Center?

If you have received regular scheduled appointments with their OB/GYN departments, rheumatology section or under pediatric care, they won't be available at select locations. These locations include patients in Orange and Sullivan County.

Garnet Health Doctors in the Bethel, NY location will relocate to Garnet Health Doctors in the Monticello location.

Garnet Health Doctors Rhematology practice will close on November 9, 2022.Garnet Health Doctors Outpatient Pediatric practice which is located in Middletown and Monticello will also close. This will take place on November 9, 2022 as well.

However, all inpatient pediatric services will continue at Garnet Health Medical Center and also, Garnet Health Medical Center-Catskills. Garnet Health Doctors Outpatient OB/GYN practice which is located in Middletown and Harris will soon close over the next couple of months.

All inpatient labor and delivery services will continue at Garnet Health Medical Center and Garnet Health Medical Center-Catskills.

Middletown, Monticello and Harris patients will be affected by this change.


According to News 12, Garnet Health stated that these changes were "unavoidable". The necessary cuts are related to expenses, shortages and low number of patients

Garnet Health provides reasons for these cuts.

The company is facing economic issues and these cuts are part of their financial improvement plan. Garnet Health has faced challenges, similar to other health care providers especially during this hardship, The nationwide supply chain  and inflation have also resulted in this decision.

Garnet Health takes pride in providing their patients with availability of services within a financial reach. According to the press release, their Financial Improvement Plan focuses on "Revenue enhancement, Operations and clinical programs, Non labor expenses and labor expenses".

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