Have you ever bit into a sandwich and just nearly melted because it was so good? These 5 sandwich places will absolutely blow your mind, and excite your tastebuds!

Everyone has a go-to sandwich when they go and get a sub. It doesn't matter if it's the artisan sandwich shop down the road or if it's just going to Subway. My go-to every single time is a perfect Italian Mixed sub. The cool thing about an Italian Mixed is every place does it their own way. Some will use mortadella, some will use capicola, and others use pepperoni and salami. But it typically is some combination of the delicious meats above.

Favorite sandwiches aside, not all places that make them are equal. They just aren't. Some places really mail it in when it comes to making an incredible sandwich. The ones listed below from Only In Your State do not have that problem.

  1. Marco's Italian Deli in Buffalo
  2. Smoke Signals in Lake Placid
  3. Cardona's Market in Albany
  4. Park Avenue Paninoteca in Rochester
  5. Casa Italiana in Canadaigua

So, I have some takeaways here. First off, what in the hell is a paninoteca? I had no clue that was even a word. Second, where on earth is a Utica joint! I know we have some pretty tasty places here in Central New York. Are we really getting the snub here? Well, here is the chance for you to voice your opinion. Who has the most incredible sandwiches in CNY?

Side note: I just looked up paninoteca.. It means sandwich shop in Italian.

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