Late tonight (June 13, 2022) the Town of Lloyd Police Department released a statement regarding an act of vandalism that had taken place in the Village of Highland earlier in the day.  The release did not disclose the exact type of vandalism but it was clear from the statement that the incident was being taken seriously.

In a Facebook post, the Town of Lloyd Police stated that they responded to a complaint of vandalism at one of the town's churches. They identified the church as The Highland Calvary Church which is located in the center of the village on Vineyard Avenue.

Highland New York Church Vandalized

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The release went on to say that they considered this a disturbing act. They also stated that it will not be tolerated in their town. The Town of Lloyd Police Department plans to use all available resources to uncover who is behind the vandalism. They also plan to bring them to justice.

If you have information on this incident they are asking you to please contact them. You can call the Town of Lloyd Police at (845) 691-6102. They also have a TIP line you can use at (845) 691-7407.

Town of Lloyd Police Need Your Help to Solve This Crime

Unfortunately, the crime of vandalism is often thought of as a victimless crime but that is far from the truth. The items stolen or destroyed are commonly artifacts or relics that can not always be replaced. Even if they can it always results in the church having to bare some sort of cost whether it is replacement costs, additional insurance, or increased security.

All too often acts like this result in churches having to close their doors to the public when there aren't any services underway. This defeats the idea that a church can be a quiet place to reflect and is open when you need to just walk in.

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