Did you get a Google Home or a Google Home Mini as a holiday gift? Before you start telling your Google Assistant to lower the temperature or turn off the lights, make sure you have WRRV pumping through the speaker.

Getting your favorite alternative hits to play on your new gadget is easy. Once you have your new Google device set up, fire up your WRRV mobile app and take the following steps. (Don't have the WRRV app yet? No problem. It's available free on the Apple and Google Play stores.)

  • Click on the Listen Live button in the app trending bar.
  • Pause the stream.
  • Click on the casting button, which is located next to the volume bar and looks like a square with three curved lines in the corner.
  • On the casting screen, select Cast to Nearby Device.
  • When a popup comes up asking you to connect to a nearby device using your phone's microphone to listen for a PIN, click the Connect button. (Troubleshooting: If you get a pop-up asking you to enter a PIN number on the screen of your device, cancel out of the screen. Pause the stream and try again.)
  • WRRV will stream through your Google Home device.

How to Play WRRV on Your Google Home