WRRV's resident concert groupie Simon has some helpful tips if you're heading up to Mountain Jam this weekend.

  • Be Prepared - One thing is for sure, it's going to rain at some point at Mountain Jam every year. It's not if but when, so pack a poncho and have a few extra layers ready if you're planning to stay out late because it can get cold on the mountain. If you're camping, pool resources with friends. Plot out a nice menu for the group and figure out who's taking care of the adult beverages ahead of time so you're not scrambling last minute.
  • Take It All In - With 40+ bands it goes without saying, take in as much music as you can handle. But check out all the great vendors and cool stuff happening elsewhere too, you never know who/what you might find.
  • Pace Yourself - It's a marathon not a sprint, funneling a 12-pack in the first hour you're on the mountain is probably not the best idea and could lead to your friends drawing on your passed out body with permanent marker. We're not suggesting you do that, so break up the adult beverages with a water or two and you'll be thankful when you actually make it to the late night music this year.
  • A Belt - Wear one.

Common sense tips? Sure, but sometimes a friendly reminder is helpful.