Is it just me or does it seem like the last few weeks have gone by super quick and left us exhausted. I don't like to think back to this time last year but in a way you can't help it. This time last year we were still planning summer. We had no idea what was out in front of us. This year we are hoping to do more and I think it is making us a bit ragged.

2021 comes with a lot more promise but it also comes with a lot more challenges. 2021 has to live up to our expectations. No one could have predicted what occurred last year and therefore no one can tell us exactly what is waiting in the post COVID era. For this reason it is important that we don't set the bar to high for 2021.

Now before you think I am being a Debbie Downer let me explaining my thought process on this matter. So many of us had huge plans for 2020.We had plan trips, weddings, graduations and other once in a life time events that all had to be pushed to the wayside, canceled or postponed due to the pandemic..

2020 actually did us all a favor, 2020 made us slow down. I know it has had that effect on me. The funnier part is I have no will or ambition to go back to the crazy pace of 2019 and I think a lot of you might agree. So that means we will have to tread carefully into the part of 2021 where we can do things again.

So how do you pace yourself for what's left of 2021?

1 - Take Naps - no matter how old you are naps are good for you. When you are well rested life is easier.

2 - Take in the Sights - So many people visit the Hudson Valley including Poughkeepsie, Kingston and Middletown from other areas just to relax. Make sure you are also taking advantage of all the natural resources and nature preserves we have in the Hudson Valley for your down time.

3 - Eat Well - Many of us spent the last year overdoing the sweet treats. It maybe time to switch that sugary snack for some fresh fruit or even a veggie.

4 - Don't be Disappointed - Unfortunately there maybe a few things that just can't happen in 2021. We are going to have to understand that even though a second summer without our favorite fair and festival season seems unreasonable it could still be a reality. If they don't happen there is a reason and we just have to promise to be there in 2022.

Let's be smart, be safe and most importantly remember that taking a time out is okay. Let's make 2021 the year we actually do the things we want to and leave some breathing space in between.

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