These are weird but let's face it. They're kind of cool.

Do you miss being able to show your mug in places like the bank or even the office? You can still mask up and show off your features to the entire community.

A special effects and make up artist from right here in the Hudson Valley is back at it once again and this time she's making real looking PPE.

Samantha Mileski got quite a bit of attention a few weeks back about a very eerie post she made on the local Facebook Marketplace. She was selling prosthetic ears that she made.

The artist from Monroe and owner of AgedBlood FX is back on your local social media market place and this time she's got lifelike masks available.

Samantha Mileski
Samantha Mileski

Samantha is a profession make up and mask designer with over 5 years of experience in making prop making to her credit.
The regular masks are listed for just $20 but she can also make one based on a mold of your face. Valentine's Day is coming up. Wouldn't it be a nice gesture to show how beautiful your significant other is by letting them show off their face once again?

Would you ever buy a silicone mask? It's only creeping you out because you haven't seen a stranger's face in almost a year.

I feel like these masks could turn some heads in the grocery store. They're so real looking the manager might think you're not wearing one at all.

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