Valentine's Day was last week; however, it may not be as romantic of a holiday as you might think. For starters, St. Valentine, the patron saint of love, he was imprisoned, tortured, and beheaded for his Christian faith on February 14, 269 A.D. That is definitely a far cry from the roses and chocolates that we associate with the holiday today. Even still, there is a lot of pressure at times to have a "perfect" Valentine's Day, and the results can be quite messy.

1 in 14 People Broke Up on Valentine's Day

According to a survey done by the dating app Bumble, Some research has shown that around 1 in 14 US adults had broken up with somebody on Valentine's Day. That's 7% of people, with 6% saying that they had broken up just before and another 6% breaking up just afterwards. So that's 19% of people surveyed who had experienced a breakup around Valentine's Day.

Divorce Rates Rise Immediately After Valentine's Day


People are more likely to file divorce around March and August because of the problems faced during the holidays. After a big trip or visit with the in-laws, people may find their difference irreconcilable. Some people view a holiday or vacation as a last resort to save their marriage. Valentine's Day can be the holiday in particular that can be the final straw. "Maybe they can make up for everything on Valentine's Day." Sometimes they don't, while sometimes they do, but then the other partner still sees that this is a once in a blue moon kind of thing, and whatever issues they have go further than just how to celebrate a holiday.

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If it makes you feel any better; though, according to the World Population Review from 2022-2023, of all of the states, New York is ranked as having the third lowest divorce rate in the country, with a rate of 8.8%. So, you're chances of getting divorced in this state are a little lower than most.

Hudson Valley: After How Many Divorces Should You Give Up on Marriage?

So, Valentine's Day and the season around it can be quite disastrous if you allow it. Last week, I asked "After how many divorces would you say it's time to give up on marriage?" There can be a lot of takes on this. Notably, Ross Geller from Friends infamously married 3 times. He's not necessarily a marriage role model. I know another guy who would joke around saying, "I'm an expert at marriage, I've done it 4 times!" What does the Hudson Valley think of this.

We received dozens of answers through Facebook, Instagram, and on our app weighing in on this. The consensus is that it is time to give up on marriage simply after 1 divorce! Geez, no second chances, hu? But you know what, I get it. As many people cited, that one divorce can be really messy and really mess with a person's heart and mind.

Some people shared some heartfelt stories with us and unloaded their baggage. I won't get into those now for their sakes, but I do want to touch on some of my favorite funny responses!

  • Dan B, "0 get dogs"
  • John T, "Make sure you use my lawyer: Ditcher, Quick & Hyde Divorce Lawyers."
  • John M, "Why buy the cow if the milk is free?
  • JoAnn P, "Why buy the pig when you only need a little sausage? LOL"

Do you agree with the answers we received? Is it time to quit after one divorce, or would you get back onto the horse? Message us through the app!

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