Many of us are wondering what we can do this time of year to help our neighbors. The simple answer is to make an inquiry at a local food bank.

Since the pandemic, our local food banks have been busy helping people make ends meet and possibly this year more than ever they need our support. One way to help is obviously to make a donation. Food donations are greatly appreciated but don't forget a monetary donation can go a long way as well.

This year one of our local banks happens to be also looking for another kind of help. Turns out the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley is actually looking for people to work not just volunteer. Earlier today the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley posted on their Facebook page that they have 2 positions to fill.  They are looking for a Class B Truck driver and a Warehouse Associate.

The Truck Driver position requires applicants to have a Class B CDL and 2 years of professional driving experience. The job comes with benefits and pays $18 per hour as a starting salary. The job would require you to pick up from multiple stores per day and be able to lift heavy items. If you are interested in finding out more call Larry Bascom at 518-786-3691, ext 266 or

The Warehouse Associate will need good communication skills and be able to cooperate with supervisors and co-workers. Knowledge of how to operate and maintain warehouse equipment plus experience working in a warehouse. Along with a few other skills they will also need to be able to lift heavy items. To find out more call Eddie Johnson at 845-534-5344, ext. 105 or

I don't drive a truck nor do I have any experience working in a warehouse so I am going to stick to making a donation but if you are looking for a rewarding job and you are qualified for one of these jobs why not apply. You would truly be helping out your neighbors every day you go to work.

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