Don't wait for a mouse to takeover your Hudson Valley home! Take action now to keep your home pest-free this spring.

Here's how

Food StorageSafeguard all food items in airtight containers, particularly grains and cereals. Not only does this preserve the freshness of your Lucky Charms, but it also reduces the attractiveness of your home by limiting the food supply. That Nickleback CD collection will ALSO reduce the attractiveness of your home.

Mouse Trap

Keep Kitchen Counters Clean: Regularly clean your home, especially areas like the kitchen and dining spaces where crumbs tend to gather. Remember, even a small amount of food can sustain a mouse.

Kids Are Gross: Seriously, as someone who was once a little boy, don't forget to check under your kids' beds for candy and ice cream wrappers. Look in closets for leftover Easter candy and uneaten Candy Corn (gross) from last Halloween.

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Spring Cleaning: Mice love cluttered areas because they provide ideal spots for nesting. That decorative birdhouse collection might look charming, but according to the Orkin Man, it's basically a mouse hotel. Declutter your home, especially unused corners and storage spots.

No "No Mow May" Here: Keep that lawn neatly trimmed. Overgrown grass or piles of leaves can offer mice perfect shelter.

By understanding mouse behavior and taking preventive measures, you can shield your house from these pesky invaders. But, when you inevitably notice signs of infestation, keep the Orkin Man on speed dial. (Is Speed dial still a thing?)

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