Are you or someone you know looking for a new job? A change in your job field or career path is possible in the Hudson Valley.

With the growing population here in the Hudson Valley, it seems as if there are more jobs than ever. 

There are Hudson Valley businesses that are seeking employees to fill job opportunities throughout different counties. These jobs may interest those who are seeking something different and possibly something they have never tried before.

Depending on what you want to do next, there may be a job opportunity or two, waiting for you.

Here Are Hudson Valley Counties With Job Openings For You


In Sullivan, Orange, Ulster and Dutchess counties, there are several job opportunities available in different fields.

There Are Sullivan County, NY Job Opportunities Available

On the Civil Service Employment Portal online, those who are interested in opportunities within Sullivan County, NY can apply online or in person.

Job opportunities such as a Cook for the Sheriff's office, Electrician for the Department of Public Works, Home Health Aide for the Public Health Services, Nursing Assistant for the Adult Care Center and Bus Driver for the Transportation Department are available.

Additional information and job openings in Sullivan County, NY can be found under the civil service portal.

There Are Orange County, NY Job Opportunities Available

Immediate job opportunities are available through Orange County, NY. Those interested in positions regarding a Medical Billing Clerk, Stationary Engineer (RHCS) and Food Service Worker all at Valley View Center for Nursing Care & Rehabilitation.

Continuous recruitment opportunities are also available within Orange County, NY. Jobs such as CNA, LPN, RN, Nursing Care Manager and more are needed.

Additional information and job openings  in Orange County, NY can be found on their website.

There Are Dutchess County, NY Job Opportunities Available

Exams and recruitments are being offered through the Human Resource Department in Dutchess County, NY.

Those who wish to apply for specific positions with Dutchess County, NY can do so online otherwise, an application for employment can also be submitted.

Immediate job opportunities are available in Dutchess County, NY. Labor Supervisor, Transit Operations Assistant, A Part Time Correction Officer, Construction Equipment Mechanic and more are available.

Exams can be taken for the following positions: City Engineer,Assistant Recreation Director, Personnel Assistant, Receptionist and more opportunities are open.

Additional information and job openings in Dutchess County, NY can be found on their website.

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There Are Ulster County, NY Job Opportunities Available

Ulster County, NY allows candidates to fill out an application electronically but also in person at the Ulster County personnel Department.

The following job opportunities are available in Ulster County, NY such as Cleaner, Assistant Public Defender,  Physician, Security Guard and Bus Driver.

Exams are available to be considered for the following positions such as Account Clerk,  Mental Health Specialist, Senior Engineer, Supervising Public Health Nurse, Agricultural Services Administrator and more opportunities as well.

Additional information and job opportunities in Ulster County, NY can be found on their website.

Are there any job openings that spark your interest? Share more with us below.

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