A 23-year-old Hudson Valley landscaper is a freshly minted millionaire after hitting a lotto jackpot.

Darwin Aguirre Portillo of Brewster hit the jackpot when he scratched off the $2.5 million winning combo on a $2,500 a Week for Life scratch-off ticket.

Aguirre Portillo’s winning story comes after a random stop for gas at the Gulf on Main Street in Brewster.

“I was on my way home from work and stopped for gas and some water,” Aguirre Portillo said to the New York Lottery. “I ended up buying a ticket and scratched it in the parking lot. I matched on the number 22 and saw the word LIFE below it. I thought ‘Oh wow, I won’ and then immediately called my brother Daniel to tell him the good news.”

According to the New York Lotto Aguirre Portillo is the 18th Putnam County resident to win a Lottery prize valued at $1 million or more.

The $2,500 A Week for Life ticket has a guaranteed minimum payout of $2,500,000. Aguirre Portillo opted to receive a one-time lump sum prize. He will receive $1,390,601 after required withholdings.

“Now that have hit the big one I will consider all of my options,” explained Aguirre Portillo. “I might go back to school and start my own business sometime in the future. I’m also considering buying a new car and possibly a house.”