Historical lighthouses light up the Hudson River and share stories of their past. Whether it pertains to how they kept the light shining during the night or provided a place for travelers to stay during a storm, it’s fascinating to still see them standing.

A Hudson Valley lighthouse may be small but has a significant historical past.

Where Is The Only Surviving Wooden Lighthouse On The Hudson River?

Canva, YouTube, Jay Creature
Canva, YouTube, Jay Creature

Ulster County Tourism shared,

The Esopus Meadows Lighthouse was completed in 1871. They also shared the tower light

"is an official U.S. Coast Guard navigational aid."

Hudson River Lighthouses shared,

The Esopus Meadows Lighthouse is a not for profit organization. This historic lighthouse is

"one of the most picturesque and the only surviving wooden lighthouse on the Hudson River."

The Esopus Meadows Lighthouse is also known as "Maid of the Meadows" and was built on mud flats where cattle once explored.

Due to the rising seas levels, the tidals from the Hudson River submerged the flats. The flats are now covered by water and water chestnuts.

What Hudson Valley Lighthouse Is Also Known As The "Maids Of The Meadows"?

Canva, Allison Kay
Canva, Allison Kay

The Esopus Lighthouse is a

 "34 by 20-foot stone house with an octagonal tower, built on a forty-one by fifty feet angular pier. "

During the 1800's, the land was purchased for only one dollar. In the late 1800's, $25,000 was approved by Congress to build a new lighthouse that would sit 100 feet from the old one.

In the 1960's, the lighthouse was closed with plans to get demolished by the Coast Guard. The Hudson River Valley Commission got involved to help preserve this piece of history.

The Esopus Meadows Lighthouse received recognition in May of 1979 by the US National Register of Historic Places.

Also in the 1990's, restoration for the lighthouse began thanks to the volunteers of the Save Esopus Lighthouse Commission.

How Symbolic Is The Esopus Meadows Lighthouse Along The Hudson River?

Canva, YouTube, Jay Creature
Canva, YouTube, Jay Creature

Hudson River Lighthouses explained, In September of 2002,

"the ownership was formally acquire as part of a pilot program of the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000 and on May 31, 2003 the Coast Guard reactivated the light."


"The Esopus Meadows Lighthouse was recognized as a museum under the New York State Regents in July of 2001 and in September 2002 the lighthouse stewardship was authoritatively granted by the General Services Administration to the newly chartered Esopus Meadows Lighthouse."


The Esopus Meadows Lighthouse can be found on the Esopus Meadows flats which is off of the west bank of the Hudson River in the Town of Esopus, NY.

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