A 31 year old Hudson Valley man barricaded himself in his home Tuesday according to a press release from the City of Middletown Police Department.

At approximately 2 PM, city police officers responded to a home on Randall Terrace to assist Federal Probation officers with the man who retreated into his house when they showed up for a routine probation check. The man, John Hicks, was suspected of having a firearm. The probation officers called for assistance when Hicks refused to allow them to enter the premises. The State Police Special Ops team responded to the scene as well just in case.

Nearly three hours later, Hicks exited the home without incident and was transported to the Middletown Police Department. From there he was transferred into custody of the US Probation officers.

A search of his home found no firearms or any other dangerous materials. The area has been reopened and any questions can be directed to the US Probation Office in White Plains at (914) 390-4040.