Rail Explorers will be providing Hudson Valley residents the opportunity to pedal down tracks once driven on by huge locomotives. According to their website, the Catskill New York division will be opening this June with tickets on sale in May.

You'll have different options to choose from when booking your ride, a Tandem or Quad Explorer. The Tandem is a two seater while the Quad is four. Each seat features a set of pedals and not everyone needs to pedal to get the Explorers to move. The tracks are largely flat and the tour takes around an hour.

But not everyone is happy about the added rail traffice in their backyards. Hudson Valley One reports residents of Olive, New York are upset because they were not consulted before Rail Explorers moved forward with their plans. But because the there was no 'change of use' with the business, guidelines did not require community review. Rail Explorers will be replacing Catskill Mountain Railroad on the tracks.

Another new division of Rail Explorers will open this summer in Newport Rhode Island in April. If you're still curious about what this is all about, the video below should help.