If you go to drink, then you've probably run across a few dive bars. Ever imagine what one would actually taste like? Maybe cigarettes, stale beer, or scattered potato chips? Maybe it would just taste like utter failure? But dive bars can be a lot of fun and bring back some good memories.

Reportedly, this new flavor will include alcohol, so maybe this could work.

A well-known beer brand is teaming up with an ice cream company to offer a new flavor of ice cream that is supposed to taste like a dive bar. If you're utterly grossed out, just click the back button now. But maybe you're morbidly curious?

Ice Cream Dive Bars

The Food Network is reporting that Miller High Life has partnered with a New York-based company called Tipsy Scoop to come up with their own dive bar flavored ice cream bar. The Ice Cream Dive Bar is described by Food Network as "a peanut swirl to reflect the peanut shells always found on the floor of those bars, a bit of tobacco smoke flavor, as well as a caramel swirl, sprinkle of carbonated candy, and a dark chocolate dip." Hungry?

And yeah, it's also infused with Miller High Life beer. We're not calling this the champagne of ice cream bars just yet though. Order at your own risk.

You can now buy them through TipsyScoop.com, GoldBelly, and at Tipsy Scoop's three New York City locations.

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