Money Magazine has published their annual 50 Best Places to Live list, and a local community in the Hudson Valley has debuted at an impressive ranking of 19.

Best known as the home of the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, Woodbury has landed itself on the prestigious list of best places to live in America. The 2015 list, published by Money Magazine, ranks the 50 best "small cities" in the country. According to the magazine, these cities are places with great jobs, strong economies, affordable homes, excellent schools, and a "special something" that makes it a great place to live.

Why Woodbury? Well, according to Money it's a family-friendly town with a "rustic" feel that has a great school system. Woodbury students have been known to score above average on state and national standardized testing. The district has also been recognized nationally for its music education program.

Access to outdoor activities and places like West Point and the Storm King Art Center are also listed as reasons why Woodbury ranks so high on the list. Negatives like long commute times and high taxes were cited as reasons why the Hudson Valley community wasn't able to crack the top 10.

This is great news for Woodbury, except for the fact that Money's online interactive map places the town somewhere in Long Island. We know there's a gigantic shopping mall in Woodbury, so I guess the mistake is understandable.

What do you think about Woodbury's ranking? Is there a more deserving small city in the Hudson Valley that you believe should be higher on the list?