In 2004 New Paltz Mayor Jason West did something that could have lead to his removal from office. He performed the first same sex marriages in the Village of New Paltz. As the saying goes "and the rest is history". That's right New Paltz made history that day in February 2004 becoming one the first communities to perform same sex marriages in the United States. Now the New Paltz community, who is known for it's progressive and inclusive welcoming environment is ready to be one of the first communities with a Rainbow Crosswalk.

It has been proposed and approved for a rainbow colored crosswalk to be installed in the Village of New Paltz by June of this year. The Crosswalk would join Peace Park the sight of the first same sex marriages and Hasbrouck Park which is a popular gathering place in the community.

All that's left is to raise the cost of the project. A Go Fund Me page has been set up to off set costs. The goal is $5000. In the video below you will hear that the color purple is paid for but other colors are still up for grabs. The hope is to have the Cross Walk finished in time for the Annual Pride Parade in New Paltz being held this year on June 3rd.