The latest Hudson Valley lottery winner was revealed yesterday and presented with a giant check for $1 million.

Joyce Derenzis won the jackpot by playing a Wheel of Fortune scratch off ticket. The Harrison, NY resident left work to take care of her mother full-time and credits her mom for inspiring her to buy the ticket.

Derenzis said during a press conference on Thursday that her mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer's, mistakenly wished the lottery player a happy birthday and told her that she would win "a lot of money." While purchasing different lottery tickets, Derenzis saw the Wheel of Fortune scratch-offs and decided to buy a couple since it is her mother's favorite show.

That decision paid off to the tune of $1 million. After deciding on the lump sum, Derenzis will take home $536,058 after taxes. As for her plans with the money, the winner says that she wants to help out her kids and, being a big animal lover, she will also donate to the humane shelter.

Derenzis is in good company. Since the beginning of 2016 there have been 22 $1 million lottery winners in New York State.