A Hudson Valley wrestler saw a few more minutes of fame after he appeared on WWE's RAW on Monday night.

Rob Begley or as his fans know him, Vik Dalishus was seen by millions of wrestling fans across the nation when he appeared with WWE wrestlers Terry Funk and Dean Ambrose. The two wresters chat about WrestleMania while at a bar in Philadelphia when Amborse gives Funk a chainshaw, what he'll need to take down Brock Lesnar. Begley appears in the background of the scene as a causal bystander, a very different role for the long time wrestler who in his last appearance on WWE was much more aggressive.

The two cameos over the last few years are not the extent of the wrestling career of Vik Dalishush, not by far. He and his Now (pun intended) reunited tag team partner Hale Collins worked for a few years on the then World Wrestling Federation circuit.

More recently Dalishush and Collins have had their hands in several local opportunities here in the Hudson Valley including extensive work with the House of Hardcore and Northeast Wrestling, just to name a few. Fans of the pair can catch them in action at some amazing events throughout the Hudson Valley this spring and summer.

Next up the Spring Slam Tour in Livingston Manor, NY on April 8th. Tickets start at just $15 and are available at www.northeastwrestling.com. Come out and support your local hometown wrestling superstars! After all who doesn't love some men in tights...oh and them pummeling each other. See you there!

Posted by The NOW on Friday, March 4, 2016