Do you think all year long about hitting the links? Grabbing a bucket of balls and hitting the range? I have a friend who manages to golf, here in New York State, 11 months out of the year. He says he hits the golf course like some people like to take a hike, plus he walks the course so maybe it is a hike too?

Where is the best golf course in the Hudson Valley?

Oh boy, that could be a loaded question. If you have a favorite or one that is close to your home that quickly could become the best to you. So when chatting with my friend he shared with me that there was a course that he liked, but it had also garnered national attention as well. Of course my reaction was 'Really?'

While I know that I will never be the next female Tiger Woods, I can appreciate a good golf course. The one that my friend was telling me about was recognized by Golfweek and you might have played there or passed it in your normal daily driving.

What is the Hudson Valley golf course that was recognized by Golfweek?

The course is Links at Union Vale in Lagrangeville, and this isn't the first time this particular course has caught their eye. If you are thinking about heading to "The Links" to check it out, know that you can book a tee time online, in advance.

Where is the Links at Union Vale golf course located?

You can find this little gem of an 18-hole course at 153 North Parliman Road
LaGrangeville, NY 12540.

While you might not be able to play over the next couple of days, let me know what you think of the course when you can check it out.

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