A popular Hudson Valley location announced it will be closing its doors and it has left residents heartbroken. It's always very upsetting when a business announces that it can no longer operate, but it's always worse when the business has been part of the community forever. Sadly, we will have to say goodbye to another.

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What business will not be operating in Hyde Park, NY?

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

The Hyde Park Drive-in is located at 4114 Albany Post Road in Hyde Park and is opposite the FDR Estate (most people have driven by it at least once). You'd think everything there would be gearing up for summertime, but the Hyde Park Drive-in recently put up an Instagram post and said they will be closing their doors for businesses. Residents have been SHOCKED by the news.

According to the Hyde Park Drive-in Instagram Page,

"To Our Loyal Customers,

Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond our control,  the Hyde Park Drive In has been forced to close its doors after 72 years in business. It has been an honor and privilege for our family to serve you during this time. We thank you for your patronage and hope you will continue to visit us at out Overlook Drive In location. We will be open Friday through Monday, starting May 12th. Previously purchased discount tickets will be honored Friday through Sunday and Mondays are discount nights for everyone".


More feelings about the Hyde Park Drive-in:

As you can imagine people are just devastated. I know many Hudson Valley people that would spend a summer evening there and even people from Connecticut would drive up to catch a movie. Customers took to their Instagram and expressed their sadness:

  • Brie- "NOOOOO say it ain't so! Summers will not be the same. But thank you for all the amazing memories!!!"
  • Mags- "This place was such a crucial part of my childhood summers :((("
  • Jeremy- "No no no no no how can we save it"

There were over 100 comments on the post supporting the Hyde Park Drive-in. (Sigh) Of course, we wish everyone involved the best of luck in life and thank you for making such an impact on the community.

REMINDER: You can still go see movies at the Overlook Drive-in Theater at 126 De Garmo Road in Poughkeepsie.

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