Before this year’s Toronto International Film Festival began, buzz was already circulating about Louis C.K.’s secret film, which he reportedly filmed just months before the opening of the festival with a few friends. At the fest, it was revealed that the movie, titled I Love You, Daddy, starred C.K. as a dad who rekindles a friendship with his teenage daughter only for her to enter into a relationship with a movie director three times her age. Needless to say, in light of what’s been going down in Hollywood over the past several weeks, the first trailer for the movie is badly timed.

C.K. stars as a successful New York television writer who invites his young daughter (Chloe Grace Moretz) back into his life, and is horrified when she falls for an aging filmmaker (John Malkovich) whose work C.K. has long been obsessed with. He’s clearly channelling a little Woody Allen here as well, from the black-and-white style to the snappy dialogue of delivery and the jazzy soundtrack. Another awkward choice.

It’s clearly supposed to be a comedy, but it’s difficult to laugh at a fictional situation like this when, in real life, we find ourselves in the midst of multiple scandals involving older Hollywood big shots preying on young women, most of them in their early twenties, and some even younger. Malkovich’s character seems very fatherly and sweet to Moretz’s young, naive teen — which only makes it more uncomfortable, all the way up to the final line, “We’re all perverts, who cares?” Yikes.

I Love You, Daddy opens in theaters November 17.

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