The new hotel at LEGOLAND New York doesn't open until Friday, but this week I went undercover and snuck into the yet-to-open attraction and was shocked by what I saw.

While taking my son to the park on Wednesday we noticed that the LEGOLAND hotel appeared to be open. Although the hotel doesn't officially welcome guests until Friday we decided to take a peek inside. The hotel staff was busy working on details in and around the property ahead of Friday's grand opening. We took the opportunity to sneak around a little bit and snap some photos.

Photos From Inside the LEGOLAND New York Hotel

Up until now, LEGOLAND New York has mostly only released stock photos of their hotels in other resorts around the world. This is truly your first peek inside the actual hotel opening soon in Goshen, New York.

Now take a peek inside the actual hotel rooms

Keep scrolling for images from inside the rooms and information on how to score a booking at the LEGOLAND New York hotel.

LEGOLAND Announces Opening Dates of New Land and Hotel

LEGOLAND New York is now ready for prime time. The theme park has just announced an official opening date for the hotel and a whole new land of LEGO fun that hasn't been revealed to the public yet.

12 Outrageous Food Options Coming to LEGOLAND New York

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The 20 Most Surprising Things Found at LEGOLAND New York in Goshen

LEGOLAND New York in Goshen is officially opening this summer. Right now special previews are going on so that guests can get a sneak peek at what's in store when the park opens its gates. While we won't spoil all of the surprises, here are just some of the incredible little details that await you during your first visit to this incredible theme park.

First Look Inside LEGOLAND New York

Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect to see on your first visit to LEGOLAND New York in Goshen.