A Ford Focus attempted to drift around the hairpin curve on Route 44 headed to Minnewaska. It did not end well.

You've probably heard of the Tokyo Drift, but the New Paltz Drift? Yeah, that's probably not a good idea. In a video uploaded to YouTube some moron was caught trying to make an impressive driving move but wound up destroying their car instead.

According to the video's description, the bonehead move came during a cruise with the NY ST Club, which is a group of Ford Focus and Fiesta ST enthusiasts. The group organizes meet-ups and cruises that, according to their Facebook group, are aimed to "enjoy some spirited driving and have fun with friends and new acquaintances."

Well that didn't seem to work out all that well during their cruise in New Paltz. The organization posted a statement claiming that the driver was asked to leave their club. They say that the NY ST Club "does not condone or approve of this reckless behavior on public roadways." They go on to say that they practice safety on the road during their cruises and have a zero tolerance policy for idiots like the one shown in the video.

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