A bad Yelp review is one thing, but a popular comedian ranting about your establishment is pretty epic.

People in the Hudson Valley know their food. There are so many amazing restaurants around here. It'd be impossible to give them all the recognition they deserve. This is New York and most New Yorkers are constantly on the move. Sometimes we just need convenient and fast food.

YouTube: No Presh Network
YouTube: No Presh Network

How much do we love fast food? According to the CDC, almost 45% of Americans eat fast food on a daily basis.

Visual Capitalists compiled the most popular fast food restaurant's revenue in 2019. Here are America's top-ranked fast food joints in America:

1. McDonald's

2. Starbucks

3. Chick-fil-A

4. Taco Bell

5. Burger King

6. Subway

7. Wendy's

8. Dunkin'

Though I can appreciate the list and I realize that the numbers don't lie, I don't think that list would be the same in New York. Dunkin' would be way higher. I was also disappointed to see that Wendy's was so far down the list. What's up with that? I love Wendy's. One of the stars from Impractical Jokers can't exactly say the same about one specific location in the Hudson Valley.

Sal Vulcano didn't hold back when talking about a low-rated fast food restaurant in Monticello, New York. The topic came up during an episode of the Undercover Vegetarian podcast. Check out his story in the video clip below.

Maybe it was just an off night for the establishment if the story was not exaggerated for a comedy show.

We did some research. Here are the top-rated local Wendy's restaurants.

Where Can I Find The Best Wendy's in the Hudson Valley?

These Hudson Valley Wendy's locations have been ranked 3.8 Stars or higher according to Google.

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