Incubus have treated fans to a second song from their forthcoming release 8. 'Glitterbomb' sounds like vintage Incubus, fans new and old should be pleased. The new album will drop on April 21st with pre-orders available now. Everyone who orders the album in advance will get the new track, to go along with 'Nimble Bastard', instantly.

According to Loudwire, Incubus worked with producers Dave Sardy and Sonny Moore (aka Skrillex). Moore originally was brought in to work on one song, but ended up co-producing the whole thing.  8 will be the first fill length album from Incubus in more than five years. During their downtime, the band worked on side projects including Brandon's work with Sons of the Sea.

The WRRV Summer Concert will feature Incubus, Jimmy Eat World and Atlas Genius at Bethel Woods on Sunday July 16th. Don't miss shows from Kings of Leon and Garbage in the Hudson Valley this summer too.