Why do we see Mistletoe this time of year? Why do people kiss under it? These are just two of the many questions that I ask myself every year. Keep in mind, that I do go out every year and buy some Mistletoe and hang it up, just in case the right guy comes along to take advantage of it.

Here are a few things that I found out while looking further into it, from multiple websites:

  • Kissing under the mistletoe is an old European tradition, less and less people in the United States even recognize it when they see it.
  • According to Norse folklore, mistletoe grants strength, peace, health, fertility and love to all those who kiss beneath it.
  • Birds can eat the mistletoe berries, but that same berry is very toxic to humans.
  • Mistletoe is considered a parasitic plant. It can only live on a host tree, it cannot live on its own.
  • Approximately 20 different species of mistletoe can be found on the endangered species list.
  • Celtic Druids believed that mistletoe contained the spirit of the tree in which it grew; partly because this was the only part of the tree that stayed green all winter.

Should you rush out and get mistletoe in hopes of finding someone to kiss under it? That is entirely up to you. Just remember, your 'sense of romantic Christmas traditions' might be a bit creepy to someone else.