How many times have you had to get a COVID test?

They say that we should be getting tested for coronavirus often and I guess I'm taking it seriously.

I have now been tested for COVID four times now. I don't work in the medical field and I don't work in a busy place like a grocery store so some might seem excessive but is it really? Is it good to be overly cautious these days?

According to the CDC, you should get tested for the coronavirus if you either have symptoms of COVID, if you had close contact with someone who had it or if you were ordered to get one by a physician.

At first I was nervous about getting a COVID test but after 4 times I feel like I'm getting pretty good at it. If I can offer any advice to you it would be that you shouldn't worry about getting tested. They've come along way since the horror stories of hearing about getting the swab jammed up your nose. My tests have been extremely safe, comfortable and professional.

If you're worried about the cost I believe most insurance companies will cover the test.

Each time I called a local healthcare provider that offers both the rapid and PCR tests and after submitting some information online and a short virtual visit I was on my way to a drive through testing site. Fortunately, all of my tests have been negative so far.

I'm curious if you have had more that 4 COVID tests since April?


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