Walmart allegedly overcharged customers who used the self-checkout lanes at more than 1,600 stores according to a recent report.

Overcharging At Self-Checkout Incident

Sometime in mid-March, Walmart customers using self-checkout lanes were allegedly both under- and over-charged according to a report from Bloomberg News. The outlet is basing the article on documents pertaining to the alleged incident.

Bloomberg News says the alleged incorrect pricing stemmed from an "internal system failure," which kept correct price information from getting to self-checkout stations.

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There have not been any estimates as to how many customers were affected by the price mix-up. At this time, it is being reported that the incident was across more than 1,600 Walmart locations throughout the U.S.

Walmart self-checkout lanes
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Bloomberg News also says additional "technical glitches" occurred at various Walmarts in February and another in March that affected photo and vision orders.

How Walmart Is Addressing The Incident

While the exact window of when customers were affected is a bit murky, Supermarket News called it a "days-long issue." Items that were overcharged for customers included appliances, food and clothing.

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Walmart has since responded to the reports saying that it worked to reimburse customers who may have been overcharged for items during the time of the March incident that affected more than 1,600 stores.

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The report comes at an interesting time for Walmart as it works to upgrade hundreds of stores across the U.S.

Supermarket News had previously reported that Walmart was set to invest millions into expanding self-checkout lanes and technology. The retail giant has since pulled back on the project in favor of removing self-checkout lanes after analyzing shopping patterns and feedback from customers and employees.

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