A New Zealand brewery has created a beer vending machine that rewards excellent guitar players with some tasty suds at no charge.

That's right, you can shred your head off for free beer! Would you be willing to play such a game for the chance at a no-cost cold one?

The beer vending machine, called the Panhead "Slay to Pay," is located at Panhead Custom Ales in Wellington, New Zealand.

"It's essentially a souped-up Guitar Hero for adults," explains Rebecca Sinclair, the brand head at Panhead Custom Ales, via Guitar World.

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Panhead's 'Slay to Pay' Machine

"Introducing Panhead Slay to Pay," a video on Instagram explains. "A world-first vending machine from little ol’ Aotearoa [New Zealand] that lets you pay for our beer, by 'slaying' guitar."

Beer pouring
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How Does It Work?

It indeed works a lot like Guitar Hero or other guitar video games. Panhead's Slay to Pay is equipped with a customized Epiphone Explorer that feeds an AI algorithm to determine the player's ability and, should they pass the test, receive a free beer.

But if you attempt it, have your playing skills sharpened — Slay to Pay apparently has a high bar for what it considers a great guitarist.

"The machine was the perfect combination of a couple of our favorite things, cold beer and really loud music," Sinclair says. "We gave it its first run [recently] and it turns out it's pretty ruthless. It rejected some of the best guitarists in the country."

Guitar Beer Vending Machine

It's a unique draw for bar patrons, as Slay to Pay is a "first of its kind machine with some pretty cool new tech and the best kind of reward for those willing to give it a go," Sinclair adds. "No one has done this before."

At Panhead Custom Ales, you don't need a band or even a real gig to get free beer. You just need to be able to play guitar really, really well.

See a demonstration of the vending machine below.

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Panhead Custom Ales Vending Machine

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