Meet Sunny! A dog that should have its name changed to Toto after miraculously surviving a tornado in New York.

The dog, which was a rescue from the Broome County Humane Society, was sucked out of a window at home on Kenyon Hill Road in Broome County during a tornado that touched down on Monday, August 7.

The owner was trying to get Sunny into the basement when the house began to shake. The 90 mile an hour winds blew out the windows and sucked the pooch right out.

Unbelievably, the dog returned home a day later and he had no injuries.

Dogs may just have 9 lives too and Sunny just used one of his up!

Two Confirmed Tornados

The National Weather Service confirmed not one, but two tornados touched down in New York. In addition to the one in Broome County that hit Keynon Hill Road the hardest, another ripped through Tompkins and Cortland County.

Widespread damage was found along Clute Road where several trees were uprooted and snapped and a large shed/storage building had its roof partially torn off and partially collapsed.

More trees were brought down along Stafford and West River Road. A wooded area near the Tioughnioga River suffered more damage before the tornado lifted.

Oneida County?

There has been no confirmation of any tornados touching down in Oneida County. From the damage suffered at Crystal Springs Golf Course in Vernon, it's hard to believe one didn't. A number of trees were destroyed, changing the course forever.

A chainsaw party is being held on Wednesday, August 9 to help clear all the debris left behind by Mother Nature.

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Tornado Strikes Saratoga County in 2020

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