Let's rewind to 1980. The year was bursting with culture and historical events, especially in the state of New York, and it begs the question: what were people naming their kids during this time? What were the top baby names in New York for 1980?

1980 was the final year of Gen-X babies, before the Millennial generation of newborns began in 1981. A very busy year for American and New York culture, the year saw numerous inventions, births, deaths, events, and pop culture moments that still remain prevalent today.

Let's take a look at a few before we get into the names:

1.) c. May - The Rubik's Cube was introduced to the toy market, which would arguably go on to be one of the most iconic products of all time.

2.) Jun 1st - CNN was launched, becoming the first ever 24-hour cable news network

3.) May 18th - Washington volcano Mount St. Helens erupted, which resulted in mass devastation

4.) Nov 4th - Ronald Reagan was elected the 40th President of the United States

5.) Dec 8th - Famed musician and former Beatle John Lennon was killed in New York City

Clearly, 1980 was an important year for culture and for history, both nationwide and for the state of New York.

With That Being Said, 1980 Was a Time Where Many People Were Having Kids

According to Infoplease, 3,612,258 people were born in the year of 1980 nationwide. Thanks to the Social Security Administration, we were able to compile the top 25 boy and girl names of that year. Scroll down to see if your name made the list!

Top Baby Names in New York for 1980

Born in 1980? Check out the top baby names of that year (curtesy of the Social Security Administration) and see if yours made the list!

Top Baby Names In New York For 1970

The year was 1970. What names were parents choosing to name their babies here in New York State? What were the top baby names for 1970? Thanks to the Social Security Administration, we have that data:

Top 10 Baby Names Of 2023 For New York

Each year, the Social Security Administration publishes the totals for the first names from all Social Security card applications for births that occurred in the US since 1880. The publication is the most complete record of first name usage in the United States. Because Social Security can take quite a while to compile data on the most popular baby names for each year, Names.org has used data on the actual births in recent years to predict the most popular baby names of 2023.

Here's a look at what they have for the Top 10 boys, or girls names. Granted, you can have gender neutral names too. This is predicting their data: