The indispensable movie site and app Letterboxd currently lists 33,304 movies released in 2023. That’s a staggering amount of content. It would be physically impossible for someone to watch all of it in a single year — unless they somehow figured out a way to watch 91 movies every day for 365 straight days. (If someone does, let me know. That sounds like a great way to spend a year, to be honest.)

Part of what makes Letterboxd so useful is that when you what to look closely at those 33,304 movies, you can arrange and rearrange the titles in all sorts of ways; according to popularity, release date, runtime, and more. You can also look at all of the movies based on their ratings from users — seeing the films that have the highest average score (right now that’s Renaissance: A Film By Beyonce followed by Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse) or the lowest average score.

Ah, the lowest scores. To see those, you go to “Films” in the top menu then click “Browse By Year” and choose “2020s.” Then at the next screen, click on “2023,” then go to “Sort By” and pick “Average Rating - Lowest First.” What you get when you do that is a wild mix of titles: Some fairly significant blockbusters, some tiny direct-to-video schlock, all united by just one thing: The users of Letterboxd said they stunk. Big time.

Here are the bottom 25 films of the year — out of 33,304 possible options! — according to those Letterboxd users. It’s current as of this writing, anyway. Hopefully we don’t have to update it to add Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom on here in a few weeks.

The Worst Movies of 2023, According to Letterboxd

These 25 titles have the lowest average rating for 2023 titles on the social media movie website Letterboxd.

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