A recent survey of 3,000 potential dog owners has uncovered an inspiring change in preferences when it comes to dog adoption in New York.

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In the past, purebred dogs like Dachshunds, Boston Terriers, and French Bulldogs were commonly seen in New York neighborhoods. However, there has been a notable lately, moving away from these purebred dogs.

Some people find the high cost of purebred dogs, which can reach up to $10,000 for breeds like Rottweilers and Chow Chows, is a big turn-off for many people. Other people say that health issues commonly associated with purebreds, such as respiratory problems in English Bulldogs and Pugs are what is keeping them away. Still, others say they feel a moral obligation to provide homes for shelter dogs.

Bone Voyage Dog Rescue surveyed 3,000 potential dog owners in New York and revealed that an impressive 49 percent expressed an intent to adopt from shelters. This is a 9 percent increase in possible shelter dog ownership compared to older data from the Humane Society which reported that 40 percent of pet dogs in households were previously shelter dogs.

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Looking at a state-by-state analysis, Nebraska was the state with the strongest preference for shelter dog adoption, with a remarkable 81 percent of residents saying they would rather adopt from a shelter than purchase a purebred pup.

This growing trend of wanting to adopt dogs from a shelter over purchasing one could, without a doubt, improve animal welfare not only in the state of New York but also in the United States.

One of the biggest benefits would be a decrease in dogs waiting for their forever home in a shelter. Fewer dogs in a shelter would mean more resources would be available per animal, including space, staff attention, and medical care. Ultimately, this would improve living conditions for all of the animals.

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Interested in adopting a dog? The ASPCA has everything you need to know as well as a list of shelters near you.

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