There is nothing like a seasonal festival in Upstate New York.

In the winter we get ice sculpture festivals and Victorian strolls. In the spring we get garden festivals, and in the summer it is "anything goes" from Memorial Day to labor Day.

But, autumn? Yeah, now we are talking.

With the weather turning crispy and the leaves putting on their annual show, a fall festival in Upstate New York can't be beat. There are hundreds of festivals this season, in big cities and small, rural towns. It would take pages to list them all. But here are 11 that you might want to put on your radar.

This list includes family events, a haunted garden stroll through one of New York's premier garden, and Oktoberfests with beer, wursts and polka music. There are farm festivals, and pumpkin festivals. And speaking of pumpkins, what the heck is "punkin' chunkin'? Well, as you will see on this list, they do it every fall in Clayton, New York and it brings a big crowd to this St. Lawrence River village.

Each entry has a link to the event. Some of the events are free, walk-in events. Others you may need to get a ticket in advance for. So check it out.

So, when you are taking a drive through the autumnal bliss that is Upstate New York this season, keep you r eyes open for these, and more more, fun family festivals to enjoy!

Fall Is in the Air and Here Are 11 Great Autumn Festivals to Enjoy in Upstate New York

We love all the seasonal festivals in Upstate New York, but, be honest, there is just something so special about an autumn festival! They are all great.

From German Oktoberfests to pumpkin harvests to huge craft shows and even to punkin' chunkn' festivals (huh?) the 11 on this list should give you some great ideas of festivals to consider this fall in Upstate New York.

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