A small business not far from Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill could be razed to make room for a new complex featuring a car wash, fast food and other businesses.

As the Hudson Valley continues to attract more people, large buildings are popping up in places that were once occupied by small, mom-and-pop businesses. That's what's currently happening in Fishkill where there's a plan to replace a small restaurant on Route 9D with a large business complex.

Route 9D Has Already Seen Some Major Changes

A large gas station is under construction further up Route 9D from the site that's currently under consideration for big changes. The project has been underway for quite a while after receiving some resistance from the community.

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In 2021, Gasland Petroleum proposed building a new gas station on 1.8 acres of land at the corner of Route 9D and New Hamburgh Rd. in Hughsonville. A 7,800-square-foot gas station and convenience store is being erected on five plots of land that were purchased for the project. The building also features a second story with four one-bedroom rental units.

Protests and objections from neighbors who opposed the business delayed the project, but the gas station was ultimately approved. While some homes still display signs on their yards criticizing the gas station, change was inevitable. With or without the new construction, Route 9D simply isn't the folksy quiet road it once was and no amount of resistance can bring back the "good old days".

New Fast Food Restaurant, Car Wash and More Proposed on Route 9D

Now, a new project is being planned further south on Route 9D near Dutchess Stadium. The Fishkill Planning Board held a Public Hearing earlier this month for the construction of a busness complex near the Sunoco gas station.

Fishkill New York Route 9D
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The plan calls for the demolition of the Red Pepper Diner Orange County Transit buildings. In their place would be an unnamed 3,000-square foot fast food restaurant, a 2,700-square-foot car wash and a 75,000 square-foot, two-story self storage business. The Sunoco station and convenience store would remain where they are.

Comments from the public are being considered while plans are being reviewed by the Town of Fishkill Planning Board.

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What do you think about the proposed construction? Would you like to see new businesses built on Route 9D or would you like to see things remain the way they are? You can comment on our Facebook page or text your thoughts through our free mobile app.

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