It's a sure sign of spring when opening day of the next Major League Baseball season is upon us. If you love baseball, and want to potentially earn over two thousand dollars, then this could be a special deal just for you.

This could send you baseball games in the Bronx, Queens and far beyond, for It would also involve traveling across country. And according to the job listing, you'll be holding and examining a whole lot of hot dogs.

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Are you a Weiner Connoisseur?

Size Does Matter 

PIX11 is reporting that the sports betting website BetUS wants to pay a New York  baseball fan $2,500 just to measure hot dogs. Who's got the biggest weiner in all of professional baseball?


The job would call for the winner to travel to all 30 Major League stadiums, and to measure and examine the length, diameter and weight of the hot dogs served by each home team. PIX11 says you'll also have to keep track of the price of each weiner.

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The job will pay for your travel expenses and tickets to games for all 30 stadiums. The offer also says you'll also get a $500 gift card to the MLB gift shop and a free one-year subscription to MLB.TV.

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New York State's Longest-Running Beer Fest is Canceled This Year

New York's biggest, and longest-running craft beer festivals won't be happening in 2024. While new craft beer festivals continue to pop up as frequently as new breweries are opening, one of the most popular beer festivals announced they're taking a year off.


Tap NY began in 1998, and has since grown to become one of the biggest beer festivals in the entire country.

Their website says the event was originally known as the Hudson Valley Beer and Food Festival and was held at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park.

Only two years later, the festival had already grown so fast that they had to move to Hunter Mountain. From there, the festival attracted the best and brightest new breweries from across the state, as the craft beer boom exploded through the new millennium.

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After two years off during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tap NY would return as they moved to Bethel Woods Center For the Arts in May 2022.

Tap NY Is Canceled This Year 

The Tap NY Craft Beer and Music Festival announced Saturday that the Tap NY 2024 is canceled.

The organizers said it came down to "creative differences" between themselves and Bethel. However, the event will return, as the Tap NY website says that they "are excited to resume in 2025 at a new location."

Their Facebook post told ticket holders to "direct all questions about 2024 tickets and vendor registration to Bethel Woods Center for the Arts."

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