An online debate continues to rage over a pic that appears to show a Sasquatch carrying their young. The pic appeared in at least a couple of overseas tabloids that claim the shot was originally taken in New York state, in the Hudson Valley.

The mythical Bigfoot (or, Sasquatch) is a large and hairy human-like creature alleged by some to inhabit forests across North America. The subject of Bigfoot is of particular interest within the pseudoscience of cryptozoology, though their story goes back to the days of Native American folklore.

Bigfoot Sightings Across New York State 

According to a study from the Travel Channel in 2019, New York ranked as high as 5th for Bigfoot reports. According to the BFRO's more recent data, New York ranked 13th in the nation right behind Pennsylvania.

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According to a county-by-county breakdown of the numbers, Warren County leads the state for sightings with 13. Dutchess County had a fairly considerable amount of sightings with 5, though it should be noted that some counties have not posted recent updates in some time.

Is the Latest Bigfoot Photo From Dutchess County a Hoax? 

Several tabloids in Europe, including The Daily Star, the Irish Star, and the Mirror UK have shared a picture from Facebook that allegedly shows a mother Bigfoot carrying her baby on her back. The photo was reported in the Irish Star in the Fall of 2023, which says the shot was snapped outside of Beacon, New York.

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The Star says the picture was from a Facebook page dedicated to Bigfoot sightings near Beacon, though there don't appear to be any pages on Facebook that match the description.

However, a quick glance at a May 2022 post from the New York Bigfoot Society Facebook group says that it's not real.

Other social media pages, such as the Squatch Watchers YouTube channel have picked up the story.

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Odd Noises, Humanlike Footprints - A Bigfoot Sighting in Upstate NY?

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