Believe it or not, New York state has one of the lowest divorce rates in the entire country, according to In fact, the 2022-2023 results of the World Population Review survey show that there were 8.8% of divorces per 1,000 people in New York State.

That doesn't mean though that everyone in New York trusts their partners or significant others.

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According to a new study, New Yorkers are a bit suspicious when it comes to what their partners may be up to.

Have you ever spied on, or been spied upon by the person closest to you? Ever gone through your husband or wife's emails, or checked their Facebook for check-ins?

The Study 

According to a a survey conducted by, with the results posted at WHAM, residents in New York may be snooping on their romantic partners. New York ranked 17th overall for suspicious residents.

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The study "examined the responses of 5,000 Americans in all 50 states regarding infidelity and suspicions in their romantic relationships", according to WHAM, with 35.5% of New yorkers polled admitting to spying on their partner.

Shot of a young woman scolding her boyfriend in their home

The poll found that one fifth of New Yorkers surveyed have checked their partner’s social media accounts. A little under one third of residents polled said they stayed with a partner thry found out cheated.

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New Yorkers Are Not Warm Towards Each Other, But They Love Their Pets

Ever think living in New York has left you feeling lonely? Well, if you want company, then perhaps look to adopt at your local animal shelter. It appears others across the state have done just that, according to a new survey.

Preply asked 2,335 people across the country about how they show and receive affection to determine the most affectionate state.

From what the people who were surveyed are saying, some in New York may really love their pets more than their very own partners. According to the survey, New Yorkers are more affectionate towards their pets than their own partners with 69% feeling more comfortable with animals than other people.

New York was also tied with Ohio, Maine, and Maryland as the country's least affectionate states.

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