Hudson Valley's #1 dive bar getting ready for Thursday bike night events.

The Hopewell Inn is getting ready to kick off summer with Thursday bike nights at the popular Dutchess County bar.

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Hopewell Inn is the oldest bar in Dutchess County dating back to the late 1800s. There's been many a fun night for me spent at this bar over the years, checking out some live music back in the day including seeing SATO do their Ozzy tribute there. The bar nowadays has an outdoor beach area with actual sand and a tiki bar atmosphere that is very popular with customers ready for summer fun.

The bar was voted #1 Favorite Hudson Valley Dive Bar last year. They also brought in a hot new attraction last year, with the addition of a new mascot "Fin the shark".

Last year, we did a summer of radio promotions in the Hudson Valley, with some of the most successful events held at The Hopewell Inn. The "Bandana Cabana" events were a huge hit, especially the stops at The Hopewell Inn, where we also held the Bandana Cabana finale.

Photo credit: The Rutigliano Archives
Photo credit: The Rutigliano Archives

Thursday Bike Nights at Hopewell Inn

The Hopewell Inn is set to kick off summer with Thursday Bike Nights starting with a "Blessing of the Bikes" on Thursday, May 2 with free wings and subs along with drink specials.

Bikers should arrive at 6:30 pm and the blessings will begin at 7 pm. The Hopewell Inn is such a fun spot, always featuring great entertainment, with live music on the weekends and other special events on a regular basis.

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Follow The Hopewell Inn on Facebook for more info on the Thursday bike nights and other upcoming events.

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