Speculation from George Soros, Billy Joel to Robert De Niro over recent yacht sighting.

A superyacht spotted on the Hudson River this week near Garrison, NY has drawn a lot of speculation after a photo was posted in a Hudson Valley Facebook group. The yacht has drawn comparisons to one owned by Atlanta Falcons owner and Home Depot co-owner Arthur Blank, among others.

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A superyacht or megayacht is a large and luxurious pleasure vessel. There are no official or agreed upon definitions for such yachts, but these terms are regularly used to describe professionally crewed motor or sailing yachts, ranging from 130 ft to more than 590 ft in length, and sometimes include yachts as small as 79 ft.

Picture of Superyacht on Hudson River Draws Speculation

A photo posted this week in The Hudson Valley Facebook group by Dana Maria Basilone shows a giant yacht taken earlier this week at Garrison Landing has drawn a lot of speculation with people curious as to who owns the giant vessel.


With nearly 500 reactions and 78 comments, the post was a buzz over who the megayacht might belong to.

Many people seem to think it belongs to Arthur Blank, but we can't verify for sure.

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Another person commented that they heard chatter that Billy Joel may be the owner.

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Another person speculated that the owner could be American filmmaker Steven Spielberg.


Could the superyacht belong to billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist George Soros?

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One person pondered that the superyacht could be Robert De Niro's rental.

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A lot of wild speculation out there, but we have no concrete evidence to prove who the yacht belongs to. Perhaps its not even anyone famous. A Google search did pull up a yacht looking very similar to the one in Dana Maria Basilone's photo, that happens to be a charter called the Mega Yacht Infinity, so that could be the case as well.


If anyone has a definite answer as to who the superyacht belongs to, email me: Tigman1@yahoo.com. Until then, its fun to just speculate.

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