You may want to consider this a spoiler because a very smart crab from New Jersey already knows who's going to win the Super Bowl.

It's been a crazy year in the NFL. Some major upsets, freak injuries and some unprecedented blowouts have made it painful for anyone wagering on games. Of course, the idea that anyone can really predict what will happen when two teams take to the field is just crazy, right?

New Jersey's Smartest Crab Knows Football

All season long, a crab that lives just one parking lot away from Met Life Stadium has been quietly predicting the outcome of the Jets and Giants games. The psychic crustacean has been eerily accurate in choosing winners each week and now it has made its prediction for Sunday's big game.

SEA LIFE New Jersey
SEA LIFE New Jersey

Workers at New Jersey's SEA LIFE aquarium at the American Dream Mall find out the spider crab's pick by placing it on a log between the two opposing teams' helmets. Whichever helmet the crab climbs on is the team that will be victorious.

Will Kansas City or San Francisco Win Super Bowl LXIII?

According to SEA LIFE aquarium's crab, Kansas City will win on Sunday. Aquarium staff says that the crab raced toward the Chiefs helmet "without any hesitation". While that's great news for Kansas City fans, a win will also be good news for the spider crab.

SEA LIFE New Jersey
SEA LIFE New Jersey

The aquarium has announced that the crustacean will be named for the winning quarterback of Sunday's game. No wonder he quickly jumped for the Chiefs. If I were a crab, I'd probably prefer the name Patrick over Brock too.

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