One of the Hudson Valley's most popular breweries is lending a helping hand to a major motion picture filming in Newburgh.

We told you yesterday that it was confirmed that the sequel to the blockbuster horror film Smile has begun production in the Hudson Valley. Smile 2 plans to film in Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Wappingers Falls, Albany and New York City through March.

We're now just beginning to see film crews setting up locations throughout the Hudson Valley and expect there to be many more surprise "pop-up" shoots over the next two months.

wappingers falls new york filming
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A similar situation occurred during the 2019 filming of the HBO miniseries I Know This Much is True.  The Marc Ruffalo drama rented local storefronts, turning them into a Blockbuster Video and a retro McDonald's to be used as sets for the drama that takes place over different periods of history. The production even transformed a City of Poughkeepsie neighborhood by converting its street into a dirt road.

Smile 2 is Filming in the City of Newburgh This Week

Just one day after we confirmed Paramount Pictures was shooting in the Hudson Valley, crews were already hard at work filming scenes for Smile 2. This week they're scheduled to be on location at the Lofts at the Foundry. According to Paul Halayko of Newburgh Brewing Company, filming will take place at the apartment complex on Edward Street over the next three days.

Newburgh Brewing Company
Newburgh Brewing Company

A sign on the door of Newburgh Brewing Company has led many to believe that some of Smile 2 would be filmed at the taproom. According to Halayko, the production crew will be utilizing their business, but not for filming. The brewery will serve as a holding area for cast, crew and extras while filming tasks place up the street at the Foundry.

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The taproom will be used by Paramount Pictures on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30am to 4pm. There will also be food trucks set up outside the brewery with craft services for breakfast, lunch and snacks for cast and crew.


The good news is that the brewery will still be open to the public beginning at 4pm every day this week.

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